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Harry Potter Valentines (Part II)

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I've gotten so much love from these it's riddikulus! Thanks for liking the first batch. Here are a few more... Go nuts.

[ First Bellatrix attempt was weak. We knew we could do better. ]


Harry Potter Valentines (Part I)

[ Check out 2013's Hunger Games Valentines here! ] 

They're baaaaccck. Everyone who knows me knows the only thing my blog is good for anymore is my annual valentines post. (See empirical evidence here.)

2010 - LOST.
2011 - Jimmer.

2012 is obvi Harry Potter.

In true Harry Potter fashion, I have decided to split this into two blog posts (Get it? Because they split everything into different movies/soul pieces.) I hope you enjoy them whils't sipping some butter beer with your snog-mate(s). Cheers!

More to come...