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Taylor Swift Valentines

Well well well. Here we go again. As you can see, I haven't blogged since last years Downton Abbey Valentines. So now that valentines are literally the only thing keeping this blog a blog, let's just get right to it shall we? ... I love her. You love her. I just couldn't not this year...

Introducing your 2015 Taylor Swift Valentines!!!  The goal this year is a lofty one: I'd like Taylor* to actually pass these out to friends and/or family members. See? Lofty.

** Not to be confused with my husband Taylor, who will probably not give these to his friends or family. But he totally should. 

To download a printable of all of them, you can get it here. But don't forget to attach candy to them or people will be SO sad and they'll blame me for it and that's not fair. 



Downton Abbey Valentines

Check out this year's Taylor Swift Valentines too!


Time to toot my own Valentine horn: this is my FIFTH year making Valentines for the internet people. I've come a long way from designing Lost Valentines from my bed in Texas to designing Downton Abbey Valentines from my bed in Utah (1,000 miles to be exact). I hope you realize that I can't top these every year and at a certain point (4 years ago), they will start to decline in hilarity.

With that disclaimer in mind, here we go! Your 2014 Downton Abbey Valentines.

Head over to Cobalt & Dash for a printable version!

[ All images from pbs.org ]


North by NorthWest's first photo!

Couldn't help myself. North West is even cuter than Cary Grant!

[ Original image from here ]


2013 Oscars Bingo Cards

Who needs super impractical Oscar bingo cards?!

Okay, so maybe these aren't the best to "print out" or "actually use" but this is 2013! Oscar party-watching of the future. Invite your 8 rich friends over, have them bring their iPads, and pull these bad boys up on screen! Then you can use some sort of gummy snack (g-bears, peach rings, etc.) as game pieces, because they'll stick real good to the screen. See? Problem-solver.

 Happy 2103 Oscar watching! Sidenote: I don't know if winning is actually possible. Cheers!

[ All images found on the interwebs and edited by me + the hubs. ]


Hunger Games Valentines

Check out this year's Taylor Swift valentines too!


Are you hungry for some Valentines?! This is my fourth year of creating Valentines and I feel like there was more pressure than ever. All I know is you people REALLY want some Downton Valentines. I tried so hard to make that happen but these things need to write themselves and Downton wasn't doing me any favors.

Without further ado, your 2013 Hunger Games Valentines.

Here's a printable! Click on it to make it bigger. Print and cut according to the crop marks.

Be sure to check out past years' Valentines on your way out! (See LOST, Jimmer, and Harry Potter Valentines I and II).

[ All photos were taken from the interwebs and edited by me. Special thanks to the hubs and sis for brainstorming with me. ]


birthday sunnies

Hi abandoned blog! I am the living worst. It appears as though my best blogging happens when I am unemployed or in college ... or unemployed and in college.

I started a new job in September and I'm loving it.  Dangerous side effects include discounted glasses and free-flowing Diet Coke. Neither of these things are a problem. I am totally in control of both.

Psych! I've decided that I need to treat myself to some new sunglasses for my birthday this month. What are your thoughts?

[ Chloe CL 2201 | Oakley Daisy Chain |  RayBan RB 3025 Aviators | Converse Birdies ]


The Fantasia Menace

Taylor made this instead of coming to my championship volleyball game tonight. He's nerdily pretty excited about the idea of more Star Wars movies ... though he says he's been burned before.